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    • 固態硬盤1.8” SATA SSD 3ME
    • 本站編輯:xghl發布日期:2015-10-27 10:17 瀏覽次數:

    固態硬盤1.8寸 SATA SSD 3ME


    ? 1.8” SATA III solution for industrial field
    ? iSMART disk health monitoring
    ? Intelligent error recovery system
    ? Excellent data transfer speed
    ? Enhanced power cycling management


      Innodisk 1.8” SATA SSD 3ME is SATA III 6Gb/s Flash based disk, which delivers excellent performance and reliability making it the ideal solution for a variety of applications, including embedded system, industrial computing, and enterprise field. 1.8” SATA SSD 3ME not only performs unmatched performance, but also designed with InnoDisk owned technical knowhow to ensure the data integrity and highest levels of reliability.

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